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Have fun learning about the animals with the Animal Discovery Bags

toy sparrow

Toy House Sparrow

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Where do Stag Beetles live?


Wildlife Walks

There is nothing better than being outdoors and learning about our local wildlife. In the past, as well as bringing my collection into schools, I led Wildlife Walks in Richmond Park for primary school classes and nurseries. On the walks, the children explored Animal Discovery Bags. In 2020, I have worked with the catalogue TTS to turn these animal bags into a range of products which teachers can now buy from the catalogue.

It is impossible to guarantee to see real wildlife on a walk, particularly with a group of excited children. By bringing along the Animal Discovery Bags, the children are certain to see something new and learn some interesting facts.

hornbeam avenue

The toy animals in the bags do not fly away, can be handled and examined, have their legs counted and eyes poked. There are Animal Discovery Bags for six common birds, mammals or minbeasts.

Using the Discovery Bags, you can stop several times on the walk and talk about the animals in the bags when you are in the right habitat, for example by the pond for the dragongly or the oak tree for the Tawny owl. The children can fill in the Animal Fact Sheets. There are also all kinds of 'follow on' activities and worksheets for the children to do, back in the classroom, which come on a USB, supplied with the bags.