The Nature Collection

Susanna in Richmond Park with her daugher Katie

" I spend hours taking photos of the wildlife"

Susanna in the park with her dog

About Susanna Ramsey

I studied Classics at Oxford University and worked for many years in the financial services sector. I gave up work to be at home with my daughter. I always wanted to be an archaeologist or work in a museum. Now I have combined my relatively new interest in natural history with my old fascination for bones and collections, to set up The Nature Collection.

I had walked in Richmond Park for more than twenty years without really noticing the wildlife. It was just a place to unwind. Then a few years ago, out walking with my daughter, I discovered some deer bones in the bracken. I contacted the Friends of Richmond Park and subsequently obtained special permission from The Royal Parks to build up a nature collection for educational purposes.

I read all kinds of books about British wildlife, focusing in particular on animal tracks, bones and feathers. After weeks of searching I found my first owl pellet and now have a collection of pellets from different birds of prey. I have collected hundreds of feathers, ranging from a tiny wren to a tawny owl and all kinds of bones, from woodpeckers to pygmy shrew. Wildlife photography is one of my favourite past times and I have taken thousands of photos of mammals, birds, insects, fungi, trees and flowers. I also enjoy taking photos under the microscope.

The Royal Parks' Head of Ecology and other wildlife experts helped me identify some of the items I couldn't place. I also referred finds to The Natural History Museum, The Mammal Society and The Barn Owl Trust. I have written a book of 'Family Trails in Richmond Park', which was published by the Friends of Richmond Park.

Recently I have created a range of educational resources with the catalogue TTS, to help teach children about the local wildlife. See here.

Family Trails Book