Learning Resources in the TTS Catalogue

In 2019 and 2020, I worked with the schools' catalogue, TTS, to create a range of educational cards and activity packs for use in the classroom, nursery or at home. The cards are bright and colourful and are filled with my wildlife photos . The cards are great quality, laminated and double-sided.

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There are 3 sets of Look & Learn cards (Birds, Mammals and Minibeasts), a Food Webs pack, 2 Classification packs, 3 ID Wheels and 3 Playground SIgnboards. Click here to find out more.

We have also created 3 sets of Animal Discovery Bags, for Birds, Mammals and Minibeasts. Each pack contains 6 soft toys, 6 drawstring bags, 60 laminated A5 information and activity cards, food bags to show each animal's diet, a tape measure and a USB containing booklets to create, quizes, wordsearches, bar charts, worksheets, recording sheets, national curriculum links, craft activities and all the photos. The bags focus on 6 common birds, mammals or minibeasts so the children can learn all about them and compare their lives. Click here to find out more.

These educational packs link the local wildlife to topics in the national curriculum such as habitats, food webs, adaptations, classification, measurements, local wildlife and body structure.

Web Pages on the Collection

During lockdown, when it has been impossible to show the Collection, I have created some web pages so that it can still be shared. Explore the skulls, skeletons, feathers, skins, insect specimens and much, much more! Find out which animals they belong to and learn about the local animals' diet, habitat and adaptations. Beautiful photos and easy explanations. Enjoy!

Whose Skull is This?

Whose Skin Covering is This?

Whose Life Cycle is This?

Bird Skeletons

Mammal Skeletons

Mammal Skulls & Teeth

Tawny Owl Skeleton

Grey Squirrel Skeleton

Mallard Duck Skeleton

Rat, Mouse, Vole & Shrew Skeletons

Fish Bones

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Local Habitats


British Plants

To see amazingly detailed photos of insect specimens in the Natural History Museum, London, in the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity, click below:

Butterflies and Moths

Other Insects

Family Trails Book

I have written a paperback book describing six walks in Richmond Park each with about twenty things to look out for, on the way. This is for sale in the Visitor Centre at Pembroke Lodge, in the Park. Click here to learn more.

Wildlife Resources in the TTS Catalogue


These products have been developed with TTS, to help children explore and discover more about, our local wildlife.