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Due to the pandemic in 2020, because the objects are handled by the children, I have stopped taking the collection into schools.

Bird Skeletons

During lockdown, I have created a web page in Adobe SPark about Bird Skeletons, with loads of beautiful photos. Discover what the skeletons of our British birds are like! Click here to see it!


Everything in the collection has been thoroughly cleaned. The bones are soaked for a few days in a bleach solution and the feathers are washed in detergent. Most items are displayed in clear arylic cases or on display boards. The deer bones, antlers, some tiny vole bones and a mixture of feathers are put out on the tables so that they can be picked up and handled. I provide anti-bacterial soap when I visit a school. If the children are dissecting owl pellets, I provide disposable gloves, plastic dishes and tweezers.

The collection fills a classroom or small hall and can cover more than fifteen tables (approx 1m x 0.5m). Large display boards with wildlife photos, stand at the back of the tables. The collection looks extremely bright and vibrant as the exhibits are mounted on coloured cards, with photos of the animals in their natural habitat. There is an amazing variety of textures and colours. Teachers often comment on how beautifully the collection is displayed.

Visits so far
In the last ten years, the collection has been seen by over 26,000 children in primary schools and nurseries, in Kingston, Richmond, Barnes, Putney, Roehampton, Balham, Streatham, Twickenham, Feltham, Teddington and Wandsworth. It has also been displayed at the London Wetland Centre, Richmond Park , Orleans House, Bushy Park, Bird World, Pensford Field and at several Summer fairs.

owl feathers
fox skeleton

quote Fantastic variety of specimens to look at, well presented and easy for the children to access. Very practical and hands on, great for independence and for them to explore and investigate. The slideshow was very informative. Lovely to be linked to the local wildlife! quote