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"My daughter came in from school absolutely buzzing and told me to sit down so she could tell me all about it. She told me how soft a wing feels, how heavy an antler is and how many different butterflies she had seen. Now I have seen the display myself, I can understand why!"

(Parent Governor)


mallard feathers


"We did so enjoy having you in school. The children got so much out of it and we all learned so much! You let them see things I wouldn't be able to provide and your knowledge is incredible. Thank you so much!"






School Visits

The incredible range and beauty of the collection has amazed more than 15,000 children in local primary schools and nurseries. Teachers enjoy the collection as much as the children.

Children studying displays
Children dissecting owl pellets
Children looking at deer antlers

As well as being educational, the collection enriches the childrens' awareness and appreciation of the world around them. Next time they go to the local common or park, they will look up at the birds or catch sight of a butterfly or footprint and think about the animals that live there, wondering perhaps what their skeletons are like or what they eat.

Workshops have been created to relate the collection directly to subjects in the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

School Workshops.

I offer a wide range of workshops for children from Nursery to Year 6. All workshops include an introductory talk with a slideshow and time to explore the 'hands on' display.

Nursery Visits. Even children as young as 2 or 3 enjoy seeing and touching everything in the display and watching the slideshows. I often take the Collection to pre school nurseries.

Special Needs Children. The collection is perfect as workshops for children with special needs as the display is so visual and there is so much to feel and handle. There are large, knobbly antlers, soft feathers, toy animals, deer bones and animal skins.

English as a Second Language. The collection is also great for children with English as their second language. It is easy to understand as all the display cases are illustrated with photos of the animals, so no reading skills are needed. Everything is self explanatory.

Timetables. To see how the days would run and how to fit in different workshops for each year, click on the sample timetables below. Obviously the timing and content of the day will be tailored to suit you.

Routine Documents. Here are some documents to be checked before a visit

Previous Visits. Click to see pictures from some of my earliest visits.

To see the schools and nurseries which I have visited since 2008, click below.

I have visited a large number of schools in Richmond and Kingston, as well as schools in Putney, Wandsworth, Roehampton, Barnes, Streatham, Balham, Hampton, Twickenham and Feltham. Some schools I go to every year and run the same workshop for a specific year group.

I have been CRB checked. I have had over 150 school and nursery bookings, all through personal recommendations. I have never failed to capture and hold the childrens' interest. It is genuinely amazing!