The Nature Collection

Enjoy learning about the wildlife with toys from the Animal Study Boxes

toy robin nest

Is this a Robin's nest?




Animal Study Boxes and Bags

This is a unique way to teach children about local wildlife with a fun, 'hands on' set of resources. It shows children how different each species is and how each fits into the web of life in their local park or garden. The Animal Study Boxes can be used in the classroom, playground or park. For a Wildlife Walk I put the contents into a colourful bag and they become Animal Study Bags.

The boxes are fun and full of good quality, realistic toys and models which illustrate different aspects of the animal. Some contain real feathers, fur or an owl pellet.

By focusing on simple facts about one bird at a time, then comparing one with another, children discover the rich variety of life.

song thrush

There are also Animal Study Boxes for different mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.

red hind
grass snake

A selection of Animal Study Boxes can be set up in a hall or classroom for children to discover, record and compare facts about the animals. Children love opening boxes and seeing what is inside.

The children complete an Animal Fact Sheet as each Animal Study Bag is investigated. Back in the classroom, they apply these facts to a Maths Worksheet, turning them into bar charts and graphs, or use what they have learned for Literacy and Science Worksheets.