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Enjoy learning about our local wildlife with the Animal Discovery Bags

toy robin nest

Learn how to make nests for different birds.





Animal Discovery Bags

This is a unique way for children to learn about our local wildlife with a fun, 'hands on' set of resources, created with the catalogue TTS.

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There are three sets of Discovery Bags: Birds. Mammals and MInibeasts. Each pack is for 6 common British animals; each pack contains 60 double-sided,laminated A5 cards, 6 plush toys, 6 drawstring bags, 5 illustrated food pieces in gauze bags for each animal and a USB with colour photos, worksheets, quizzes, wordsearches, party ideas, booklets to make and other craft activities.

Of the 60 double-sided laminated cards in each pack, there are 8 cards for each animal, packed with colorful photos, facts and activities. For each bird for example, there are cards on size, lifespan, eggs, nest site, habitat, nest construction, diet, feathers, migration, adaptations and behaviour.

The Discovery Bags can be used in the classroom, wildlife area, playground or park. For a wildlife walk in your local area, sort the plush toy, cards and food bags for each animal into the colourful bags and you have a set of Animal Bags, to open up and explore when you get to the relevant habitat. The children can fill in the Fact Sheets to record the information and then use the data for bar charts, quizzes and worksheets back in the classroom.

There are three sets of Discovery Bags.

red hind
Blue Tit Cards & Toy
Six Mammal Toys in the Pack
Ladybird Cards & Toy

Birds Discovery Bags:

Peregrine Falcon, Tawny Owl, Robin, Blue Tit, Goldfinch and Great Spotted Woodpecker. These bags contain the bird soft toys which make the relevant birdsong, when they are squeezed. The pack also has a set of stencils and birds' eggs to show the different sizes and colours of the eggs of these birds. The craft activities show how to make the different nests and eggs. Click here to see the product in the TTS catalogue. Birds Discovery Bags

Mammals Discovery Bags: Rabbit, House Mouse, Badger, Fox, Hedgehog and Grey Squirrel. These bags also contain a set of footprint discs for each animal, so the children can learn to draw and identify their tracks. As well as the worksheets and booklets, the USB also contains drawings of the animals' nests for the children to colour in. Click here to see the product in the TTS catalogue. Mammals Discovery Bags

Minibeasts Discovery Bags: Peacock Butterfly, Dragonfly, Garden Spider, Honey Bee, Stag Beetle and 7-Spot Ladybird. These cards also show how to draw the minibeasts, step by step and how to act out their lifecycle. There are also cards which describe how to make models for the insect egg laying sites. Click here to see the product in the TTS ctalaogue. Minibeasts Discovery Bags

The packs fit really well with a wide range of topics in the national curricuulm. If you are studying Adaptations, you can pick out the Adaptation cards for each animal and complete the Adaptations worksheet. If it is Habitats, you can compare the Habitat cards for each animal.

If you want the children want to work in groups, each group can work on the set of cards for one animal and feedback afterwards, to show what they have learned and compare the differences in the animals.

song thrush
Dragonfly cards & toy
Peregrine cards, food & toy
Hedgehog cards, toy & USB


red hind
60 cards in each pack
Six minibeast toys

The photos show samples of the cards and toys in the three packs. There are eight double sided information / activity cards for each animal. The Mammal Bags also contain footprint discs so children can learn to identify the different tracks. Colourful drawstring bags are provided so you can keep the sets together. (The colour coded borders help with sorting.)

All the packs contain a USB, which contains all the photos of the animals, shown on the cards. You could use these to make a colourful classroom display. The USB also contains worksheets, bar charts, animal booklets to make, animal plates to fill, craft ideas, data recording sheets, word searches and quizzes. Hours of fun!