The Nature Collection

Wildlife Resources in the TTS Catalogue

I have created, with the school resources catalogue TTS, a range of educational packs using my wildlife photos and material which I developed for the school workshops. The resources link the local wildlife to topics in the national curriculum such as measurements, habitats, food webs, teeth, life cycles, adaptations and local animals. The packs are suitable for Nursery to Year Six.

The products should be bought directly from TTS. Their website is at Search Birds, Mammals, Minibeasts, Classification or Foodwebs to find the products.

There are three sets of Look & Learn cards for Birds, Mammals and Minibeasts. These are 20 x A5 laminated cards, which come in a handy hard plastic carry pack. There is a large colour photo of the animal on one side and information about the animal on the reverse, showing their size, diet, habitat, nest, scientifc name, life cycle, UK status and role in the ecosystem. Click here to learn more or follow this link to see the cards on the TTS website.

Food Webs. An anctivity pack with 40 laminated double-sided cards, 20 arrow cards and 20 consumer/producer cards. They come in a handy hard-plastic carry pack. The 40 cards are of British animals and plants. There is information about each animal's diet on the reverse of the card. Children can use the photo cards and arrows to build simple food chains or complex food webs for the animals in their local habitats. They can label them as consumers or producers. Click here to learn more or follow this link to go to the TTS website.

Wildlife Classification Packs. This is an activity pack with 6 classification boards and 40 small photo cards of British fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and insects. Children identify which animals are birds or mammals etc and place the cards onto the appropriate board. Each photo has information about the animal on the back. The classifiaction boards list the criteria for a bird or amphibian etc, on the reverse. The cards come in a hard-plastic carry pack. Click here to learn more or follow this link for the TTS website.


Natural History Classification Pack. As above but with 40 small photo cards of skeletons, skulls, feathers, insect specimens, fish scales and taxidermy for local wildlife. Children identify which objects are from a mammal or bird etc. Click here to go the TTS website.

ID Wheels. Handy colourful wheels, made of laminated card, perfect for children to use outdoors. Spin the wheel to look up a few simple facts about the mammals, birds or minibeasts, pictured around the edge of the wheel. Click here to go to the TTS website.

Playground Signboards. Large boards to put up in the playground or wildlife area, to help children learn to identify common birds, mammals or minibeasts. Click here for the TTS website.

There are also Animal Discovery Bags, described here.